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Carissa Grace is a light and sculpture artist from Saratoga Springs, New York. She recently completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts in May 2019 from Alfred University. Currently, Carissa is continuing her education in Glass Engineering Science, expecting to receive her Bachelor of Science in May 2021. Originally, the materials she was utilizing in her artistic practice made her question their physical and visual qualities. After further investigation, she decided that pursuing knowledge about a material’s properties and its limits gave her maximum control over her work. Since she completed her BFA, she has been exhibited in the recent She Bends exhibition in Loveland, Colorado as well as exhibited at Exhibit A during Corning's annual Glass Fest.

"My work is an interpretation of fragmented memories, composed of the basic building blocks of day-to-day life, represented in an unobserved way. I am fascinated with the unease our subconscious produces from the distortion of memories. I question the relationship between authenticity and imagination through the use of light and relevant materials in my work. Aware of the inevitable changes a memory undergoes as we grow further from its epicenter, I take control by composing my recollections in a tangible form. Light is a primary component in my work because it mimics the most complex qualities that a memory possesses while providing a bridge to the unseen. My work tends to incorporate recognizable imagery to create the common ground that viewers share when they recall their own memories."


Alfred University 

B.F.A. | Minor in Arts Management 

B.S. Candidate in Glass Engineering Science 

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